What if I don’t agree on child-discipline methods? Hebrews 12:10

/carl and Yolanda Bennet answer your marriage questions"If you are caught in a cycle of disagreement regarding discipline, sit down and talk it over with your spouse. Once children know which parent will be the one who disciplines, they will be sure to run to the other parent in an attempt to work one against the other. An important point to remember is that regardless of which parent has delivered the discipline, the other parent should not speak out against that in front of the child. For discipline to be effective, unity is imperative. Showing unity in your decision will be the best way to limit any interference by the other parent and will let your children know who has the final say regarding discipline.

Make sure discipline is always the result of wanting what is best for your child. Discipline is not just punishment. Discipline is about changing behavior to conform to standards or expectations. Talk to your children about what you expect of them; you might be surprised to find that your children really do want to know what their boundaries are.