Why does my husband need sex to feel loved? Ephesians 5:28

/carl and Yolanda Bennet answer your marriage questions"For your husband, the need for sex is as much physical as it is emotional. His need to connect physically with you is one expression of his desire to connect emotional. Your husband sees your willingness to join physically with him as a demonstration of your love, vulnerability, and trust for him; he views the sex act in a loving relationship as the highest compliment he could give to the woman he loves. While love is important, sex is also integral to your marriage relationship. Choosing to meet your husband’s physical needs is a demonstration of love that he can understand.

On the other hand, for women the relationship is important and your sex drive is based more on the emotional than the physical. This is why you probably find it difficult to be enthusiastic about sex after you and your husband have had a disagreement. For you, the emotional connection releases the sex hormones and fluids needed for stimulation and satisfaction. "