Are you a great father?

Written by Carl & Yolanda Bennett
father_sonThere are some men in this world who believe they are fair, good, or great fathers because they provide food and clothing for their children. The truth to the matter is most men do not have a clue to what being a father really is. Children look for so much in a father figure. I will start with Integrity the quality or state of being complete or undivided, the bible states that “a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways” (James 1:8), so as you can see a man of integrity is not double minded and his decisions are completely sound.

A son or daughter looks to their father to have the answer to their everyday problems and situations. They are looking for someone to give them wisdom to help conquer their fears. If a father is not involved totally in their child’s life, they are setting them up for some form of failure.  This failure may be for a son to be a bad father or a daughter to look to a man who does not have the qualities of a good father for her children, because they do not see it in their own father.

A father should be able to chastise, punish, correct and laugh with his child without the children losing reverence for him. This is much like our Heavenly Father, we can talk to Him anytime we want and when we do not do the things He require of us, His rod of correction places us back on track. However, when this happens, we never lose our reverence for Him. We as natural fathers need to take on the characteristics of our Heavenly Father, so that our children can see and treat us with respect out of love and not fear.

- In order to be a great father, you must have an example of the One; therefore, we must look to the only True Living God.
- God always take time to hear our hearts
- God always take time to heal us mentally and physically
- God always give us the answer we need if we just listen
- God always allows us to go through so He can bring us out

Now this is my challenge to you; if you know, suspect or you are clueless to whether or not you do not possess these qualities, please take this opportunity to pray with us.

Father, I ask You to help me be a great father like you Lord. Father I want you to lead, guide and strengthen me as I come before you wanting your unwavering love to consume me like never before. Holy Father, as You consume me, allow me to be able to consume my child/children in the same manner. Allow me be a great example to my child/children for Your glory in Jesus name, Amen.