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Written by Carl & Yolanda Bennett
menonlyThere are many things a man really need to know about women that will allow them to satisfy the majority of the needs women want met. The number one need is for you to be a good husband; below we will look at some things that make you a good husband.
  • His yes means yes and his no means no.
A man willing to accept his wife’s influence in his own life does not mean he is a wimp, far from it. What it means is that he can be honest and not feel insecure in his masculinity
  • Being a good husband means being a rock for your wife.
Be the man that gives your wife confidence that things will be just fine, even when it looks like the world is falling in.
  • It means being a good listener.
Being tuned in to the needs of my family. This may have been easy before children, because with so much going on a husbands instinct is to fix the problem and that is not the solution every time.
  • Requires being both sensitive to the needs of your wife while being strong and protective of her at the same time.
A good husband must strive to find the right balance between strength and support so he can help move his marriage forward in the right direction
One of the biggest challenges is masculinity.
  • There are too many men out there between the ages of 20 and 40that struggle with defining what masculinity really is because they didn’t have a father in their life
  • If they did have a father he probably wasn’t much to learn from.

It is logical for men to feel strange, especially when they have a woman that grew up in the same conditions, this can be intimidating at times.

Here are 10 things you should remember to be a Good Husband

  1. Be true. Being true to your spouse means more than simply being faithful, it also means keeping her as the number one person or thing in your life. It means backing her up when she needs it and being the one person she can count on no matter what.
  2. Be there. Be with her in mind body and spirit. Be around. Come home from work, do things with her in the evenings and on the weekends. Be her friend.
  3. Share. Sometimes as time passes, a couple begins to drift apart. This is because they stop sharing with one another. Share your life with her, your stories. Share your love of things and your heart. Share your time and your problems. In short, share everything with her
  4. Be respectful. Don’t yell at her. Do not call her names. Do not demean her. Say please and thank you. Open the door for her. Get things for her without her asking. These things guys do to show they love someone.
  5. Care. You have to care about your marriage, and your wife. You have to remind yourself you care when angry or depressed. Show her you care by doing things like holding her when she is down, or buying her a small special gift for no reason. Look at her like you care about her. Tell her.
  6. Go out of your way. Like any good relationship, sometimes you have to go out of your way to do things for each other. Like pick something up at the store without complaining; or talking to her mother, just because it will make her happy. Sometimes you have to keep your mouth closed when you would rather not. The point is, sometimes you will have to go out of your way simply because you love the girl.
  7. Be patient and understanding. Surely everyone could be more patient and understanding especially with people they love. This is especially for people who are married, if for no better reason than because you’ll still be there after whatever caused the stress in your household blows over. And well because you love her.
  8. Demonstrate. It’s not enough to tell your wife you love her, or to buy her a card now and then. You have to do things periodically to show it. Things like surprise her with things she likes. Or things like hugging and kissing her even if it will not lead to sex. Do things that mean something to just the two of you. Remember, once in a while is not enough. You need to do something expressive pretty much every day.
  9. Listen. When she talks, listen. It’s not that hard. Hear her voice, pay attention to the words. Follow what she is saying. This is what she needs. Also, watch and listen for subtle things. She may need or want something but is very cautious to speak about it.
  10. Be open. She may have ideas or opinions you might not want to hear. Try to be open anyway. This doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything she says, but it does mean you do not have to argue with her.
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