Is your House a Home?

Written by Carl & Yolanda Bennett
house_500There was song made famous by a singer called Luther Vandross, titled "A House is not a Home." Now in this song he mentioned a few things that did not make his house a home and one was "If there is no one there to hold you tight." his also said "If there is no one there you can kiss goodnight." There was one more thing I can remember him saying and that was "A room is still a room, even when there is nothing in it but gloom."

I know that as husband and wife you will find some of these statements true because your spouse may be deployed or working overseas. But what really makes your house a home? I would tell you the presence of the Lord makes your house a home. In order for your marriage relationship to work out like it is intended you must invite the Lord into your house that dwelling place to make it a home. Would God be pleased and feel welcome in your home? Is there any room in your house where you would not want god to see, because it is not clean enough or what goes on in that room is not God like?

Most of us have a room like that, but we can change that by simply invoking the God's presence into our house. We must pray together on one accord as husband and wife. We must show each love so that we will not have any gloomy rooms. We have to embrace God tightly, so that we will have that sense of security in our house to know that He is making everything alright. We will know that when we leave our house that God will be there when you return. The word says that "He will never leave you nor forsake you" So is your house a home? Or do you still need to work on inviting God to your house? God want to make your natural house a spiritual home, so that supernatural things can take place in your marriage allow Him in and don't close any door to Him and receive what God has for you HOME.