Strong Families

Written by Carl & Yolanda Bennett
family_500What makes a strong family?  A strong family is one that possesses good family values, while every family member builds up and sustains each other. A strong family unit creates a safe, positive, and supportive place for all members to succeed. They are able to utilize resources and to live together in a healthy atmosphere.

The adults in a strong family set the tone. They are good role models that lead by example. They reach out to friends and community and teach their children the importance of being a model citizen. They work together to solve problems, and they pass their skills on to the next generation (their legacy). Some important elements of a strong family system are family structure, family flexibility, and family communication.

Structure -

In families’ having a structure can be defined as the feeling of being loved, of belonging to the group or being nurtured. Although closeness is good in a family unit, there must be a balance between being together and being separate. Family members must be able to develop their individuality, while being supported and confident within the family. Having a strong commitment from family members, and spending time together are qualities that will bring a family together.

Flexibility -

There must be some type of structure in a family or it will become chaotic and will not be a peaceful setting. On the other hand, there must also be flexibility or the family becomes worn out and the authority figures may be resented some time or the other. Although parents are in charge, there should be room for all members to develop the ability to cope with stress. While the family works to avoid stressful situations they simultaneously work together to solve problems, without blaming, criticizing and finding fault with each other. It has been statistical proven that families who have a strong spiritual foundation seem to have a sense of well-being that facilitates the flexibility needed to work together in times of stress.

Communication –

When there is a failure to communicate, a family could possibly be facing more issues than they want to deal with. A lack of communication can rip a family apart and totally destroy them. All family members must feel a freedom to express themselves openly.
Another very important factor is the relationship between the parents. In a family that is parented by a happily married couple, everyone is able to express him or herself more freely. A happy marriage seems to set the tone in the house. It spills over from the family to the community and a healthy family will be reaching out to help others.
A very important thing for families to teach their children is how to make good decisions. If they have watched their parents making good decisions, they will be apt to be good decision makers themselves.

A healthy, happy family benefits our whole society. The children of strong families’ commit less crime; there is a less chance of divorce and less emotional problems. They tend to go on and have strong, healthy families of their own, having learned from their parent’s example.