The Vision of One Flesh Ministries

oldonefleshlogo_160We are called to facilitate couples and families in discovering or rediscovering the love God intended from the creation of man and woman. Our desire is to see the foundation of the church restored and couples keep their vow to one another. We assist in the restoration of broken families by monitoring the healing process ensuring that growth and stability is occurring whether it is a dual parent or single parent home. It is our desire that everyone work together to keep God's love, which is the agape love (unconditional love) for now and forever.

Our Mission Statement

"Our mission is to help couples and families rediscover or discover the love God designed from the creation of man and woman through marriage and family counseling in conjunction with teaching biblical principles in various forms. We at One Flesh Ministries have dedicated our lives to this calling as a faith-based nonprofit organization focused on the sanctity of traditional marriage."


Our Latest Articles

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