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I know you have heard the song "What's love got to do with it?" well according to the Word of God, love has a lot to do with it. There are a lot of people that that give up on their relationships due to they fall out of love with one another. What we have to remember is that, there is a thing we call unconditional love, the same kind of love God has for us.  God loves us so much, that He .........
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I am sure many of you have heard this statement before, especially if you are married or in a relationship with someone. Time and again many couples we counsel say that their spouse will not will not talk to them and we all know that this cannot be totally true, because something is said maybe not the conversation you want, but they do talk. During our studies we find that the #1 reason for divorce is........
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/carl and Yolanda Bennet answer your marriage questions"I feel that a man should say no to his wife when it will jeopardize the family’s well being. Getting something new that is not life or death and will hurt the finances of the family is a good time to say no. The husband’s job is to protect the family in every way and this includes financial matters, my suggestion is to man up and say no and protect your family."
/carl and Yolanda Bennet answer your marriage questions"If you are caught in a cycle of disagreement regarding discipline, sit down and talk it over with your spouse. Once children know which parent will be the one who disciplines, they will be sure to run to the other parent in an attempt to work one against the other. An important point to remember is that regardless of which parent has delivered the discipline, the other parent should not speak out against that in front of the child. For discipline to be effective, unity is imperative. Showing unity in your decision will be the best way to limit any interference by the other parent and will let your children know who has the final say regarding discipline.

Make sure discipline is always the result of wanting what is best for your child. Discipline is not just punishment. Discipline is about changing behavior to conform to standards or expectations. Talk to your children about what you expect of them; you might be surprised to find that your children really do want to know what their boundaries are.
/carl and Yolanda Bennet answer your marriage questions"You can encourage your husband to spend time with his children by reminding him that they need him more than they need the things he can buy them. When a man spends a lot of time away from his children, he may begin to feel disconnected from them and believe he doesn’t have anything in common with them. Children look up to their fathers as role models, and mentors. They desperately want to believe that someone has their best interests at heart and no matter what else happens around them, they will always have a safe relationship and that they can depend on their family. When your husband feels valued and needed, he will be more likely to invest his time with you and your children."
/carl and Yolanda Bennet answer your marriage questions"Your husband's mother played an important role in his life, nurturing him and teaching him how to become an independent person in his own right.  You have to explain to him that even though you may do some of the same things his mother did, you do them for a different reason.  You do them because you and your husband are a team, each with a part to play.

Discuss together your expectations regarding participation and encourage him to participate in the operations of your household through the sharing of chores and responsibilities and then attempt to assign responsibilities accordingly.

I do not believe your husband married you because he needed someone to look after him or to cook and clean for him. Treat him as your best friend, your lover, and your hero and he will be quick to respond by treating you like the diva you are."
At the heart of conflict is "disagreement" which is a failure to agree. Agreement is the way that a husband and wife become one in flesh. One Word of God, one agreement, one vow, and one set of principles on which the marriage functions and one spouse loved in faithfulness.  We believe that if you want to have a great marriage that "endures with joy" these six basic foundation....
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I recently read an article from a Pastor who shared one of his marriage counseling sessions. He said that there were two people that had been married for thirty-three years. But they haven't had sex for more than twenty years. He said that the wife came to him in tears because her husband was always angry and his anger made her so upset to the point that she didn't feel like having sex....
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God has led us to inspire you from the book of Hosea. This is a beautiful, tragic, but true love story. This story truly tells of how God loves his people.  Hosea's wife name is Gomer, Gomer had a problem with adultery, unfaithfulness and turning to false god's [in today's world we can say going out to the club, having sex with someone other than her husband, financial gain....
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When you were dating, your mate possessed fascinating qualities that may have intrigued you and attracted you. But now, after living in the same house, fascination has turned to frustration; intriguing characteristics are now idiosyncrasies. If you and your spouse are so very different from each other, how do you maintain your energy for love? How do you energize, motivate and....
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