- Articles about Conflict
Articles about Conflict
Nothing is more inspirational than the uniting of two unique and divergent personalities in a marital commitment that will last for a lifetime, with God's help. Who can comprehend this mysterious bonding that enables a man and woman to withstand the many storms of life and remain best friends to the end of their lives together? This experience is so remarkable that the
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If we remember that a covenant marriage is not give and take, we all will have a relationship like some of the people in the Bible had. Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as he loved himself. Ruth made a covenant with Naomi, she even told Naomi that her people would be her people. God had a covenant with Noah because Noah was a righteous man.....
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Extramarital affairs happen for many reasons; men and women make excuses for having them. One reason is that they say their mate is not fulfilling them. Here are some of the fulfillments some say are not being met: emotional, physical, financial, and sexual (this is the majority), but no matter what the reasoning is it does not excuse them for having an affair. Now I am about to hit you.....
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