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A successful marriage is not happenstance. It requires serious commitment and hard work. Most marriages start on a high note. The emotion of the wedding day, the physical high of a loving, willing and regular sex partner and the comfort of someone at home who cares for you. Then life happens, the world pushes in on the dream.
Reality has a way of waking us up and quite often, abruptly.....
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/carl and Yolanda Bennet answer your marriage questions"This can be done three ways; first, you have to support what she is doing or saying, which means you have to watch how you react to her ideas. Second, support what you are saying, which means giving her praise for her ideas. Third, a positive response to her ideas, as long as it is not a determent to the family, is your proof that you are with her 100%. As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words."
/carl and Yolanda Bennet answer your marriage questions"First all, you must express that you both have the same goals in mind. You are two different people that think in different ways, it is a matter of playing your individual position on the team. When a team plays together, there is one important key they must have and that is communication. When you can express to one another exactly what you want to accomplish you can work as a team at all times."
/carl and Yolanda Bennet answer your marriage questions"Being considerate is a great start to show that you are not taking her for granted. What I mean is when you do something or say something keep your wife in mind, especially when you are making a decision. When you make a decision that will affect her in a positive way, you are showing her, you genuinely care and are not taking her for granted."
/carl and Yolanda Bennet answer your marriage questions"You can tell your spouse you love them by expression of beautiful words. Some would say buy expensive jewelry, but you cannot buy love. If you express yourself in kind words and in action you can say, “I love you” louder than you ever have before."
/carl and Yolanda Bennet answer your marriage questions"I feel that a man should say no to his wife when it will jeopardize the family’s well being. Getting something new that is not life or death and will hurt the finances of the family is a good time to say no. The husband’s job is to protect the family in every way and this includes financial matters, my suggestion is to man up and say no and protect your family."
Marriage provides God's way to satisfy these natural sexual desires and to strengthen the partners against temptation. Married couples have the responsibility to care for each other; therefore, husbands and wives should not withhold themselves sexually from one another but should fulfill each other's needs and desires. Spiritually, our bodies belong to God when we become Christians.....
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When our expectations concerning our husband's love hit a brick wall, who will we turn for relief, hope, wisdom, and sustenance? "It works this way-if we love a human being and do not love God, we demand of him perfection, and when we do not get it we become cruel and vindictive; we are demanding of a human being that which he cannot give. As I mentioned before, no matter how much we...
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When you were dating, your mate possessed fascinating qualities that may have intrigued you and attracted you. But now, after living in the same house, fascination has turned to frustration; intriguing characteristics are now idiosyncrasies. If you and your spouse are so very different from each other, how do you maintain your energy for love? How do you energize, motivate and....
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In our fallen world, it is often deemed acceptable by some to tear people down verbally or to get back at them if we feel hurt. Peter, remembering Jesus' teaching to turn the other cheek (Matthew 5:39), encourages his readers to pay back wrongs with a blessing, such as praying for the offenders. In God's Kingdom, revenge is unacceptable behavior, as is insulting a ...
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