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When we have children we really have high expectations for them; we visualize what they will be, how much education they will get, even the type of friends they will have. This is because we are looking for them to be in a better position than we were in at their age. As parents, we truly want the best for our children, thus that they will not have a sob story about how they grew up.
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There are some men in this world who believe they are fair, good, or great fathers because they provide food and clothing for their children. The truth to the matter is most men do not have a clue to what being a father really is. Children look for so much in a father figure. I will start with Integrity the quality or state of being complete or undivided, the bible states that.........
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There was song made famous by a singer called Luther Vandross, titled “A House is not a Home.” Now in this song he mentioned a few things that did not make his house a home and one was “If there is no one there to hold you tight.” his also said “If there is no one there you can kiss goodnight.” There was one more thing I can remember him saying and that was “A room is still a room, even when.........
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Whoever says marriage is easy has either given up or they are the type of person who quits whenever things get tough. I believe that any time we are striving to become a better person, spouse, parent, employee, business owner, etc. it is a challenging process.  Change is seldom easy, especially when it comes from within. However, change is necessary in order for our marriages to grow.
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Weddings are beautiful ceremonies that take place for the purpose of family and friends to enjoy one of the most important events of your life. If you think back everything before that day was great. Both of you know the right things to say to one another and the right way to look at one another. Now you are looking at each at the alter, not only are family and friends listening but God's ears are...
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I recently read an article from a Pastor who shared one of his marriage counseling sessions. He said that there were two people that had been married for thirty-three years. But they haven't had sex for more than twenty years. He said that the wife came to him in tears because her husband was always angry and his anger made her so upset to the point that she didn't feel like having sex....
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God has led us to inspire you from the book of Hosea. This is a beautiful, tragic, but true love story. This story truly tells of how God loves his people.  Hosea's wife name is Gomer, Gomer had a problem with adultery, unfaithfulness and turning to false god's [in today's world we can say going out to the club, having sex with someone other than her husband, financial gain....
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