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/carl and Yolanda Bennet answer your marriage questions"Being considerate is a great start to show that you are not taking her for granted. What I mean is when you do something or say something keep your wife in mind, especially when you are making a decision. When you make a decision that will affect her in a positive way, you are showing her, you genuinely care and are not taking her for granted."
/carl and Yolanda Bennet answer your marriage questions"You can tell your spouse you love them by expression of beautiful words. Some would say buy expensive jewelry, but you cannot buy love. If you express yourself in kind words and in action you can say, “I love you” louder than you ever have before."
/carl and Yolanda Bennet answer your marriage questions"Your husband associated respect with the core of his being; it defines who he is to others.  For your husband, a lack of respect is not simply a difference in opinion, it encompasses everything he thinks and does.  Your husband needs to know you respect him just as you require knowing he loves you. While your husband may appear to be the strong, silent type, inside he earnestly seeks validation from the people who matter to him. Your respect affirms his worthiness and builds his courage.  Without it, he may experience self-doubt, which will possibly manifest itself in all areas of his life. "
Nothing is more inspirational than the uniting of two unique and divergent personalities in a marital commitment that will last for a lifetime, with God's help. Who can comprehend this mysterious bonding that enables a man and woman to withstand the many storms of life and remain best friends to the end of their lives together? This experience is so remarkable that the
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In our fallen world, it is often deemed acceptable by some to tear people down verbally or to get back at them if we feel hurt. Peter, remembering Jesus' teaching to turn the other cheek (Matthew 5:39), encourages his readers to pay back wrongs with a blessing, such as praying for the offenders. In God's Kingdom, revenge is unacceptable behavior, as is insulting a ...
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Covenant marriages require confronting and forgiving. Most couples, even Christians, have a contractual relationship. This is one of the reasons the divorce rate among Christians has ascended in the past decade. Must we therefore conclude that the biblical ideal of a covenant marriage is outdated, beyond the grasp of modern man, a dream that exists in man's memory but simply produces guilt...
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From the beginning of marriage, men and women have had the opportunity to make a difference in lives of others. Contrary to what people believe, they can make a difference in many ways. Many of you have been told that you as an individual have blessed someone just by the way you represent yourself. Now just imagine how you and your spouse can bless others by...
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