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There are many things a man really need to know about women that will allow them to satisfy the majority of the needs women want met. The number one need is for you to be a good husband; below we will look at some things that make you a good husband. A good husband must strive to find the right balance between strength and support so he can help move his marriage forward in the right direction
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The passion and intimacy you wish you and your spouse could enjoy together isn’t just a fantasy or dream. That kind of marriage is within your reach. But it’s possible only if you both devote yourselves wholeheartedly to your relationship fully engaging and giving 100 percent, without reservation. Christian men and women need to learn the source of love and how to tap into it.
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I know you have heard the song "What's love got to do with it?" well according to the Word of God, love has a lot to do with it. There are a lot of people that that give up on their relationships due to they fall out of love with one another. What we have to remember is that, there is a thing we call unconditional love, the same kind of love God has for us.  God loves us so much, that He .........
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If God were to describe your marriage using some type of musical composition, what would it be? A dramatic opera? How about a symphony? No? Well, let's try a folk tune. Or maybe your marriage is best characterized by ear splitting argument or even a sad song. Is your marriage music to God's ears or could it use a little tuning up? Today we are going to talk about the relationship between .....
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By all accounts, your marriage is good, but you often wonder if it could be just a little bit better. Most marriages, as well as other relationships, usually leave some room for improvement. Here are five tips that will help you take your marriage to another level. Make Time for Each Other: Sure, it sounds like the obvious advice, but most couples do not really spend time alone together as much as ...
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Learning how to communicate is something that many couples take for granted. We often think that by hearing our spouses and partners talk, we're communicating. However, in truth, many of us are either only hearing (performing the physical act of your body interpreting auditory stimuli) or we're listening ready to pounce in with our statements (listening with an agenda). Communication is not .......
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At the heart of conflict is "disagreement" which is a failure to agree. Agreement is the way that a husband and wife become one in flesh. One Word of God, one agreement, one vow, and one set of principles on which the marriage functions and one spouse loved in faithfulness.  We believe that if you want to have a great marriage that "endures with joy" these six basic foundation....
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Weddings are beautiful ceremonies that take place for the purpose of family and friends to enjoy one of the most important events of your life. If you think back everything before that day was great. Both of you know the right things to say to one another and the right way to look at one another. Now you are looking at each at the alter, not only are family and friends listening but God's ears are...
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When our expectations concerning our husband's love hit a brick wall, who will we turn for relief, hope, wisdom, and sustenance? "It works this way-if we love a human being and do not love God, we demand of him perfection, and when we do not get it we become cruel and vindictive; we are demanding of a human being that which he cannot give. As I mentioned before, no matter how much we...
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Do you remember the anticipation of going on a date with your future spouse and how desperately you desired one another? And how the sexual tension seemed to mount as you moved toward marriage? Today you may be wondering, "Where's our energy and desire for sex now?"  How would you describe your love life with your spouse? Is it at the point of deterioration or improvement? If you want to...
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