One of the major tragedy of today’s world is the breakdown of the Family, as exemplified in the erosion of those strong values, which before now, made the family such a strong influence on the Society. Under the weight of ferocious and ceaseless assault from all corners, the Family needs to be helped back to take its position as the bastion of moral armament; as the vehicle for building society and therefore people into becoming what God created them to be. We must draw the attention of individuals back to the biblical perspective of a God-created and a Christ-centred marriage, which is best described as the ONE FLESH Marriage.

This is the Vision that was given to Reverend Collins Edebiri and which led to the establishment of the Christian Couples Network (Now simply called ONE FLESH Ministry) in March 1996. We have kept the vision alive and continue to work with all who are interested, to speak with a righteous voice on issues of Marriage and Family. Welcome to our world —

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