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The One Flesh Ministries was founded in March 1996 and is a non-denominational body, established primarily to address issues concerning Marriage and the Family. It operates a counselling ministry and has fellowship arms for Singles, Couples and special interest groups (Seperated, Divorced, Single Parents, Widowed, etc) to consider God’s word concerning marriage and to pray for families. The ministry also runs a Singles Chat Club (Let Them Marry) for matured Singles and a monthly prophetic prayer meeting for Homes and Families.  From August 27, 2004, the name of the ministry became simply ONE FLESH MINISTRY.

Today, Churches and Christians from around the world are realising that there is an answer to the serious problem of the breakdown of the Family. This is manifesting in the greater attention being devoted to marriage ministries and the realisation that there is a need to build strong and faithful families, who would become committed to the ministries of the local church. With this focus, we would be making the statement that someone cares. This brings about hope and hope triggers faith, which moves the heart of God.


In the light of the above, the ministry recognises the need to form partnership with people of similar passion, groups and churches in general, in extending the frontiers of marriage evangelism, perhaps the greatest untapped mission in this country. The objectives of this ministry can therefore be summarised as follows:

  1.      To call churches and individuals back to a Biblically-Based, Christ-      Centred, and Holy Spirit-Empowered perspective on marriage.
  2. To establish working relationships with organisations involved in marriage evangelism and youth development
  3. To assist individuals, churches and ministries with access to teaching materials and literature on marriage and the family.
  4. To speak with a righteous voice on marriage and family issues in the public.
  5. To emphasise the importance of the Family Heritage

To further the above objectives, the ministry is committed to building and administering teaching and counselling centres in major cities in Nigeria. These centres are called Family Centres and shall run as independent non-governmental resource centres. The use of the media is expected to become a strong strategy in advancing the objectives of the ministry. We shall continue to run training programmes for pastors, marriage counsellors, therapists, educators and interested individuals who will receive the designation CMS (Certified Marriage Specialist), and thereafter help to advance the course of marriage evangelism in their local churches and the society at large.

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